Recycle poppies and help charity save loads of cash

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A SUPERMARKET is giving its customers the chance to recycle their poppies, saving a charity thousands of pounds.

Sainsbury’s stores are encouraging customers to recycle their poppies to support The Royal British Legion.

The armed forces charity could save £100,000 if five million poppies are returned to the stores.

Sainsbury’s Farlington, in Fitzherbert Road, and Sainsbury’s Portsmouth, in Commercial Road, will have collection boxes until November 24.

Phil Bridgwater is the store manager for Sainsbury’s Farlington.

He said: ‘The Poppy Appeal was a great success this year for fundraising and we’d like to thank everyone who contributed.

‘With this recycling initiative, we wanted to show our customers that they can make their poppy go further and enable the Legion to save.

‘We hope the recycling drive proves a success.’

The poppies will be used to make new ones or the recycled material will raise funds for next year’s Poppy Appeal.