Red nose ahoy!

HMS Dragon wears her red nose
HMS Dragon wears her red nose
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The crew of HMS Dragon today joined in the Comic Relief fun by giving their ship a big red nose.

The Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer proudly wore her new adornment in the Atlantic Ocean while sailors on her sister ship HMS Duncan brought some Red Nose cheer to Gibraltar.

HMS Duncan

HMS Duncan

The two destroyers are supporting Red Nose Day (with great big red noses attached to their prows.

Both ships are hosting onboard fundraisers, but as she is alongside in Gibraltar, Duncan’s company will be on a stand-easy with a “StarClubz and Bishcuits” event arranged by the Physical Training Instructor and chaplain.

Over the course of her nine month deployment, Duncan will be raising money for Red Nose Day as well as her chosen charities; the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice and the Dundee Hospital Children’s Ward, both in the ships’ affiliate cities of Belfast and Dundee.

The ships made the red noses out of their seaborne training targets – also known as a ‘killer tomato’

Duncan’s Senior Warfare Officer, Lieutenant Commander Nick Leeson, said: ‘Not that sailors need an excuse for a stand-easy, but Red Nose Day is a great opportunity to kick-start HMS Duncan’s charity fundraising.

‘The ship’s company are coming up with plenty of ideas on how we can raise funds for our affiliated charities during our 9-month deployment to the Gulf, and the red nose was the perfect way to get things started. It was really prominent and went down well here in Gibraltar.’

HMS Duncan is currently the world’s most advanced air defence warship and left Portsmouth last week on her maiden deployment to the Gulf where she will spend nine months working with allies to protect allied and merchant shipping and wider British interests in the region.

HMS Dragon is currently off the west coast of Africa on her way back to the UK following a routine seven month patrol of the region.

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