Rights and dignity under close scrutiny

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FULL attention is being given to the rights and dignity of some of the world’s most marginalised people at the University of Portsmouth.

The university is hosting the British Association of South Asian Studies as a part of a conference.

The seminar is due to focus on security, both state and personal, led by Professor Jonathan Spencer from 
the University of 

Speakers who come from worldwide universities will examine subjects including liberty, public order, capitalism and the re-making of states after the British Empire.

As a part of the conference women’s voices from India’s untouchable class, who have now won a small part of dignity will be heard.

Organiser Dr Tamsin Bradley, of the School of Languages and Area Studies said: ‘Untouchable women have the task of cleaning streets and fields and this, on top of not being allowed to use inside toilets, meant they were vulnerable.’

Subjects such as politics of implementing anti-poverty programmes in India and its difference with Pakistan will be also discussed.

The conference started yesterday and will end tomorrow.