Royal Navy looking to gamers in new recruitment drive

FORTNITE players with incredible aim, people with the patience to complete the underwater level in Mario 64 and every gamer in between is being targeted by a Royal Navy recruitment drive.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 4:50 pm
The navy has a booth set up at the EGX convention in London this weekend. Picture: Royal Navy

A new campaign has been launched by the Royal Navy at EGX in London – one of the UK’s biggest gaming conventions – to try and recruit 250 new submariners, with gamers being described as the ‘perfect match’ for the jobs.

Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), which is leading the recruitment drive on behalf of the navy at the convention this weekend, showcases VR technology, which gives gamers a realistic experience of life at sea.

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It comes after the Army and RAF held recruitment drives at Insomnia 65 in Birmingham in August, with services reflecting the idea that gamers have the skills required for a life in the forces.

Captain Pete Viney, director of recruiting for the Royal Navy, said: ‘Submariners are part of an elite team within UK Defence, working with highly-sophisticated technology and taking on some of the most demanding tasks in the Royal Navy.

‘The mental demands of round-the-clock watching and listening, whilst remaining undetected, can be intense and requires resilience and skill.

‘Many of those with a natural affinity for video games already possess the core skills needed for a successful and rewarding career as a Royal Navy submariner.’

David Parsons from SSCL, added: ‘By using VR and the real life experiences of serving personnel to provide a glimpse into the world of a submariner and a Royal Navy career, we hope to appeal to many of those who are active in the gaming community.

‘They [gamers] have the ability to cut through the noise, seeing and hearing things that many others would easily miss.

‘A Royal Navy career may just be a perfect match.’

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