Royal Navy ship finds live depth 
charge on mine-hunting exercise

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A MINE-HUNTING exercise in the Gulf turned up a real threat when HMS Chiddingfold found a live depth charge.

The ship’s clearance divers were dispatched to dispose of the explosive during the incident.

It came as Royal Navy minehunters based in Bahrain were being put through their paces in an exercise with the US Navy.

Portsmouth-based HMS Atherstone and Chiddingfold met up with the US Navy Avenger-class mine countermeasures vessels USS Dextrous and Devastator for a week of testing scenarios.

Sub Lieutenant Fergus Holland, from HMS Chiddingfold, said: ‘I very much enjoyed my day on board the USS Mitscher, learning how our colleagues do business.

‘Despite slight differences in terminology and the number of people on board, it was good to see that both the US and UK operate in much the same way.’