Royal Navy warship to leave Portsmouth for maritime security operations

File photo of HMS Kent Picture: L(Phot) Joel Rouse
File photo of HMS Kent Picture: L(Phot) Joel Rouse

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HMS Kent will leave Portsmouth tomorrow to spend six months on maritime security operations in the Indian Ocean.

The Type 23 frigate will sail at 8am tomorrow to keep up the Royal Navy’s presence east of Suez as she replaces HMS Northumberland.

Having been through intense training the ship is ready for a challenging deployment as part of the Royal Navy’s standing commitment in the Middle East.

HMS Kent’s commanding officer, Commander Andrew Block, said: ‘I am immensely proud of my ship’s company and all they have achieved preparing HMS Kent to deploy on operations East of Suez.

‘HMS Kent will return to the Middle East, a part of the world she knows well, to provide reassurance to the UK’s allies in the region, while conducting maritime security, counter narcotics and counter-piracy patrols to protect British trade and wider national interests.

‘This could not have been done with the support and commitment of our families and friends, very much members of team Kent.

‘We leave them behind with a little sadness, but we deploy with full confidence in Kent’s ability to meet any operational tasking head on and an understanding that our collective sacrifice is an important and meaningful part of UK’s economic and physical security.’

During the six-month deployment the ship expects to visit the African and Asian continents as well as European nations.