Royal Navy warship will host several former PoWs

James Rhodes from Waterlooville with the medal he and his surviving shipmates have have been awarded for their work on the supply convoys which helped The Netherlands during the second world war     
Picture Ian Hargreaves  (181100-1)

Merchant navy veteran ‘elated’ with war medal after seven-decade battle for recognition

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A GROUP of former prisoners of war are returning to the Far East in an emotional pilgrimage to mark Remembrance week.

The group of 33 former PoWs, who are nearly all in their 90s, are setting off today for the trip to Singapore and Thailand, where they will revisit Japanese prison camps where they were held during the Second World War.

As part of their tour, they will be hosted by Portsmouth-based Royal Navy ship HMS Daring.

The oldest veteran on the tour is Jim Crossan, 96, who was a PoW for three and a half years.

‘I have no doubt it will be emotional, it will tear my heart-strings,’ he said.

‘My son knows everything about what happened.

‘He is the only one who I ever told.

‘He will be able to see where I was captured, and when we are out there he will know all about everything that happened there.

‘It’s full of interest for him.’