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A sailor raped a colleague after a night out in Portsmouth, a court martial heard today.

Engineering Technician Kenni Dinnell is alleged to have raped a female able seaman in a cabin at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth, in the early hours of July 10 last year. He denies the charge.

A court martial at HMS Nelson heard 21-year-old Dinnell had been out drinking with two colleagues - one male and a female - in to Portsmouth town centre, ending up at Liquid nightclub.

Prosecuting barrister Darren Reed told the court that during the night Dinnell’s drinking partners kissed and became intimate.

On return to HMS Nelson, the pair had consensual sex in the cabin and the woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, fell asleep.

The court heard Dinnell stayed up talking to his friend Leading Marine Engineering Artificer (LMEA) Greg Robertson in the cabin in Sirius Block. Naval service police knocked the door and asked the pair to keep quiet, Cdr Reed said, before Dinnell’s friend fell asleep on the floor.

The court heard Dinnell then got in to bed with the female able seaman and began kissing her. The court heard that in her drunken and tired state, the woman thought it was the same man she’d earlier had sex with but she woke up and realised it was Dinnell and not his friend.

‘She pushed him off and said “no”,’ said Cdr Reed.

Cdr Reed said this was overheard by the naval service police who ordered everyone out of the cabin and then arrested Dinnell on suspicion of rape.

The court was shown a video of an interview with the alleged victim on July 10.

She said she had agreed to sex with LMEA Robertson. Dinnell was in the same cabin but was in the bathroom and he asked them to stop.

She said: ‘All I heard was Kenni say “can you stop it now, you’re doing my head in.” That’s when we stopped.’

She added: ‘Greg got out of bed. I rolled over and went to sleep. I went to sleep, I did not hear anything they were doing or saying.’

The alleged victim said the next thing she knew was when she felt someone kissing her in bed. But she felt unable to open her eyes.

She said: ‘I was drifting in and out of sleep.

‘I thought that it was Greg, I carried on kissing him.’

She said both men had similar Scottish accents and it was not until she looked around the room and up at the man having sex with her that she realised it was Dinnell.

‘That’s when I realised who it was.

‘I said “no” and pushed him away.’

The woman told the court that Dinnell tried to carry on having sex with her but Greg woke up and the Naval service police knocked the door again.

She said: ‘I was in shock, I started crying.’

Asked by the police interviewer how she felt, she replied: ‘Used.’

She added: ‘I never did anything with him that night to lead him on. I never said anything about me liking him or hug him or anything. I was way more interested in Greg.’

The woman said she was sick after the incident.

She said: ‘I was angry with myself for getting that drunk.’

Dinnell entered a not guilty plea to one charge of rape.