Sailors bring expedition to life as they bow out of engineer training

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SAILORS have been celebrating the life and achievements of a famous explorer on the anniversary of his expedition.

A group of 23 trainees from the Royal Navy’s Defence School of Marine Engineering at HMS Sultan, Gosport, have marked the 102nd anniversary of Robert Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.

With the sound of howling winds playing over speakers, the sailors set up a tent in their theatre and put on a production covering Scott’s early naval career from 1883, through to his command of the Discovery Antarctic expedition.

The two-year expedition, which cost five men their lives, generated public interest and popularity for Scott who resumed his naval career afterwards.

Engineering Technician (Marine Engineer) Michael Robinson, who is leaving the Gosport base to join HMS Illustrious said: ‘Despite the expedition’s ill-fated outcome his story still remains an inspiration for us today, especially as we start our own adventures of joining up with our first ships.’