Sailors to get extra cash for Libya role

James Rhodes from Waterlooville with the medal he and his surviving shipmates have have been awarded for their work on the supply convoys which helped The Netherlands during the second world war     
Picture Ian Hargreaves  (181100-1)

Merchant navy veteran of war is ‘elated’ with medal at the age of 90

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SAILORS in warships off Libya will receive an extra £30 a day.

The Ministry of Defence said personnel in the Libyan warzone are eligible for Operational Allowance.

This means pilots and aircrew operating over the Libyan landmass and the crew of ships and submarines operating within 12 nautical miles of the coast will receive an extra £29.02 for each day served in the specific areas.

The payments will be backdated to March 18 this year when the United Nations resolution was signed.

The warships called into Libya so far are HMS Cumberland, HMS York, HMS Westminster, HMS Liverpool, HMS Brocklesby, HMS Bangor, HMS Albion and HMS Ocean.