Secton of aircraft carrier to be moved from Portsmouth Naval Base on Monday

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A HUGE 6,000-tonne section of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier will now be rolled out of the yard at Portsmouth Naval Base on Monday, the shipbuilders said last night.

BAE Systems have brought the move forward by four days to take advantage of a break in the weather.

The section of HMS Queen Elizabeth, known as Lower Block 02, will be taken out of the shipbuilding hall to a 440ft barge in the basin.

She will be welded down onto the barge, which will set sail for Rosyth, Scotland, on Friday.

A BAE spokeswoman said: ‘We are bringing the move forward so the team in Rosyth has a greater window of opportunity with the weather to get the block off the barge when it gets up there.’

Lower Block 02, which is equivalent to 500 London buses, has taken 1,300 BAE workers 28 months to build in Portsmouth.