Seven scenarios listed by Dubai police in missing Timmy MacColl probe

MISSING Timmy MacColl
MISSING Timmy MacColl
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FAMILY members of Timmy MacColl say the Dubai police have told them his fate could be one of seven scenarios.

Six months after the Gosport sailor vanished his whereabouts remain a mystery despite a manhunt by Royal Navy investigators and the Dubai police.

He went missing while on a run ashore in Port Rashid from his ship HMS Westminster and last week the Dubai police gave Timmy’s family a briefing.

Neil Cunningham, uncle of Timmy’s wife Rachael, said: ‘The scenarios are that Timmy went AWOL of his own volition; that he’s been kidnapped by criminals or terrorists; that he’s been murdered; that he’s in a prison cell and nobody’s been informed; that he’s in a hospital and hasn’t been identified; that he’s fallen into the water at the port or that he’s fallen down one of the deep drains around the port.’

Timmy’s family do not believe he has disappeared of his own accord.