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ON TOUR P2000 patrols boats visiting St Petersburg
ON TOUR P2000 patrols boats visiting St Petersburg

Chance to hear about WW1 artillery developments at fort

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UNIVERSITY students have sailed to more than 30 European and Baltic ports with the Royal Navy during their summer break.

Four vessels from the Portsmouth-based P2000 squadron left at the beginning of June and steamed almost 4,300 nautical miles, visiting ports in 11 countries along the way.

The ships belong to University Royal Navy Units, which have their own P2000 patrol vessel captained by a Royal Navy Lieutenant and crewed by up to 12 young people.

HMS Ranger of Sussex University, HMS Trumpeter of Bristol University, HMS Example of Northumbria University, and HMS Explorer from Leeds, Sheffield and Hull universities, sailed to Belgium, Holland and Germany before transiting the Kiel Canal in mid-June to attend Kiel Week – Europe’s largest maritime festival.

The ships then visited Stockholm, Sweden, Turku and Helsinki in Finland and Vyborg and St Petersburg in Russia, before returning home.

Midshipman Eilish Wells, 19, of Sussex University, who is in his first year of a biomedical science degree, said: ‘This deployment has been the experience of a lifetime. It is an experience I will always treasure.’