Submariners wanted by Gosport museum to share their war stories

KEY ROLE HMS Conqueror
KEY ROLE HMS Conqueror
Pte Tom Canwell from Portsmouth, on alert against enemy attacks during war games in Germany

Army battalion face a tough battle in German war game

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FIVE submarines played a crucial role in the Falklands War.

So to mark the 30th anniversary this year Gosport’s Royal Navy Submarine Museum is looking to hear all about it from the people who were there.

The museum will hold an exhibition in the spring featuring personal recollections from 10 submariners who served on the boats sent to support the Royal Navy Task Force in 1982.

Now organisers say they want to speak to as many submariners as possible to hear about the war patrols carried out during the conflict.

Museum director Chris Munns says most people think only of HMS Conqueror, the submarine which sank the Belgrano, when looking at the submarine service’s work in the Falklands.

He said: ‘One of the reasons why we wanted to run it this way is to bring some attention to the other submarines.

‘We wanted to give the other crews a chance to say what they did as well.

‘The other submarines did a lot of things out in the Falklands and played a crucial role.

‘Those things were just as dangerous but people don’t know so much about them.

‘2012 will be a busy and very exciting year for us at the submarine museum.

‘As well as the exhibitions opening, the conservation project Saving HMS Alliance continues in earnest.’

The museum is looking for memories which answer three key questions.

These include: Is there a single memory that captures why these patrols were different?

What were the highs and lows?

And were there moments of great excitement, real fear and laughter?

Organisers also want to see any objects, photographs or souvenirs from the conflict for possible use in the exhibition.

The exhibition will open towards the end of March.

A second exhibition, called Horrible Science of Submarines, will look at the more grizzly side of life on one of the cramped boats.

If you have anything to contribute to the Falklands exhibition, contact Debbie Corner, the museum’s keeper of photographs, at or by calling (023) 9251 0354 ext 234.