Surprise fish supper for navy bomb disposal crew

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BOMB disposal experts netted a surprise fish supper after blowing up a Second World War bomb at sea.

The Royal Navy’s bomb disposal team from Horsea Island in Portsmouth carried out a controlled explosion on a bomb on the seabed off Suffolk.

The explosion sent out shockwaves that stunned two cod, which weighed 10lb each.

The fish floated to the surface and were plucked from the water by the team.

The sailors kept one of the cod to eat and gave the second to the crew of the vessel which discovered the bomb.

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said: ‘This sort of thing can happen when controlled explosions are carried out in areas which are fishing grounds.

‘The fish would have been stunned in the controlled explosion.

‘Our guys then fished them out of the water.’

The bomb is believed to have been jettisoned by the crew of a returning RAF bomber to save fuel.

It was raised out of the water on Sunday by the crew of a lighthouse authority vessel.

The crew moved the bomb to safe spot while they awaited the arrival of navy experts from Portsmouth.

As reported in The News, the crew of Portsmouth-based minehunter HMS Ledbury also discovered an explosive device on the first day of their deployment.

The ship’s company found the Second World War mine near Weymouth.