TA launches drive for new members with a day meeting shoppers

WEAPONS Private Darren Cameron, left, and Cpl Rob Raine at Gunwharf Quays. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (13429-3)
WEAPONS Private Darren Cameron, left, and Cpl Rob Raine at Gunwharf Quays. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (13429-3)
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SOLDIERS from the Territorial Army took over Gunwharf Quays on Saturday as part of a major recruitment campaign.

It comes as the TA launched TA Live – a new recruitment drive to try and increase the number of people joining the TA from 20,000 to around 30,000 by 2018.

The campaign screens adverts capturing TA soldiers going about their everyday duties as reservists live from Afghanistan.

Soldiers were spread out across Gunwharf and spent time talking to members of the public and informing them about the work involved when you join the TA.

Brigadier Bill O’Leary, assistant commander for theatre troops, said: ‘TA Live is the kick-off of the national campaign to attract our target audience for recruiting but also to alert the general public and increase their understanding of the value that the TA employees bring to the workplace and society at large.

‘We have had quite a bit of interest. People just don’t understand what the Territorial Army do.

‘Over the past 10 years we have supplied nearly 26,000 soldiers to Afghanistan. That’s really important.

‘I think people weren’t aware of that.

‘We are about 10 per cent of the force in Afghanistan every single year.

‘And a lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that we get paid the same amount as a regular soldier based on the number of days that we do.’

And he added it’s hugely beneficial to anyone who joins up.

‘There are great benefits. It’s the skills that you learn – not just man management and leadership. We can teach soldiers things to do which benefit them to find a job.

‘It brings great added value back into the workforce.

‘Once a soldier has joined the TA, every opportunity and challenge is open to them.’

Craftsman David Williams, who is based in Hilsea, said: ‘It’s a good thing for members of the public to see what we actually do.

‘I have been talking to quite a few people and they seem keen.

‘It’s very important. If we put things on like this they can see exactly what we do and it gets them interested.’

For more information about joining the Territorial Army visit army.mod.uk/join.