Traders will pay homage to Nelson with ‘Victory’ grub

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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TRADERS are showing their support for a campaign to have Trafalgar Day recognised as an autumn bank holiday.

Restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes are launching a ‘Victory’ salt beef and pickle sandwich in homage to Lord Horatio Nelson’s victory at The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

For every sandwich sold over Trafalgar Day weekend between October 21 and 23, £1 will be donated to the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which works to ensure HMS Victory, the world’s oldest commissioned warship and Nelson’s flagship in The Battle of Trafalgar, is preserved for future generations.

Salt beef is a traditional food in Portsmouth given that it was served on Royal Navy and merchant ships sailing from the city towards foreign shores from the time of the Mary Rose up to the Second World War.

Paul Wilkinson, of The George Hotel, in Queen Street, Portsea, said: ‘As a hotel proprietor and restaurateur, I support initiatives to encourage local tourism.

‘Portsmouth and Hampshire as a whole have such a lot to offer people from home and abroad. The benefits visitors to the county bring to local people in terms of jobs and revenue cannot be under-estimated. We will be serving the ‘Victory’ sandwich.

‘It is a salt beef and pickle sandwich, a somewhat forgotten local favourite food.

Phil King, director of development at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, added: ‘In Nelson’s day, any meat taken on board would be packed in salt to preserve it.

‘It would then have been rinsed and cooked in sea water, probably making it inedible to today’s palate. In its pre-cooked, dried state, it made a sort of hard jerky, which sailors would sometimes carve into buttons, buckles and figurines.’

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