Trainee submariner is through his training

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A TRAINEE submariner has earned a break over Christmas after completing his initial training.

Trainee Submariner Sammy Rankin, 20, from Portsmouth, is heading home for the holidays after finishing 10 weeks of intensive training at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall.

The course ended with a passing-out parade in front of his family and friends.

The recruit, who is a former pupil of Portchester Community School, used to work in a boat chandlery.

He said: ‘I joined the Royal Navy to fulfil a life-long dream.

‘I wanted a structured life and to do something worthwhile and interesting.

‘The best parts of the course were leading the whole class during an exercise, meeting people who will be life-long friends and receiving quality training.

‘Training has taught me to take each day as it comes.

‘I am inspired to climb the ladder as high as I can and stay in the navy until I’m grey and old.

‘I want to become a key member of the ship’s company.’

The next stage of the trainee submariner’s training will begin in the new year.

At HMS Raleigh’s submarine school he will learn how to operate and maintain complex weapon, sensor and communication systems.