Unions call for British steel on all warships

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UNION bosses have repeated calls for new Royal Navy warships to be built using British steel.

The plea comes after steel was cut on the first of the Senior Service’s next generation of frigates, the Type 26.

Known as the City class, all three warships in the first wave of the building process will use predominantly British steel.

Now GMB is demanding any future navy warships will be built with British steel.

Ross Murdoch, GMB national officer, said the union had ‘continually pushed’ for the use of UK steel in the new frigates.

He added the group would continue to lobby the government. He said: ‘It means these frigates will be a true benefit to the UK economy and our industries as well as the navy.’

HMS Glasgow is the first Type 26 to be named. She is expected to come into service in the mid 2020s.

Once complete, she will be one of the most sophisticated anti-submarine warships ever made.

Eight Type 26s will be built. The second build batch will be negotiated in the early 2020s.