US nuclear submarine leaves Portsmouth

ON THE MOVE The USS Scranton leaving Portsmouth Harbour
ON THE MOVE The USS Scranton leaving Portsmouth Harbour
your view Walrus-Class Submarine

Walrus-Class Submarine 'HNLMS WALRUS' of the Royal Netherlands Navy inbound to Portsmouth on a weekend visit.
Picture: Tony Weaver

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WATCH: Submarine sails into Portsmouth for rare visit

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UNDER a veil of heavy security, the nuclear submarine USS Scranton departed Portsmouth Naval Base at the end of its 10-day visit to the city.

It slipped out of the harbour with a police escort, ensuring that ferries, yachts and civilian boats remained outside of the 250-metre security cordon.

The submarine, which can carry tomahawk and harpoon missiles, stopped off in Portsmouth as part of its six-month deployment allowing the crew the opportunity to visit the city.

While in the dockyard, it was berthed at a special jetty specifically designed to accommodate nuclear submarines, near the berth of soon-to-be decommissioned HMS Ark Royal.

Visits by nuclear submarines to the naval base are particularly rare, with only one or two visits per year.