USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors view Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

USS Theodore Roosevelt arrives in UK waters
USS Theodore Roosevelt arrives in UK waters
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Hundreds of American sailors walked through Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard this morning after arriving ashore from the aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The giant vessel is anchored off Stokes Bay after completing the first leg of a round-the-world deployment.

The ship’s public relations officer, Lieutenant Commander Reann Mammsen, said the sailors were excited to have arrived in the UK.

She said virtually all of the carrier’s 5,000-plus company would have the chance to go ashore.

‘A lot of them will be going to London but a lot will be staying in Portsmouth.

‘It depends on their schedules, some have a couple of days and some just have a couple of hours.’

The carrier, nicknamed the ‘Big Stick’, will be here for five days.

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