Veteran with PTSD backs new project by Portsmouth soldiers 

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A FALKLANDS veteran with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has welcomed a new service supporting traumatised troops. 

Retired Royal Navy sailor Chris Purcell, of Fratton, has battled PTSD for years after surviving the sinking of HMS Sheffield in 1982.

The war hero – who now devotes his efforts to raising cash for armed forces charity the Royal British Legion – said All Call Signs could help reach those too fearful to speak out.

Chris, of Adames Road, said: ‘This is something that might go down well here.

‘When I had PTSD I wouldn’t talk to anyone unless they admitted to me they had it too.

‘I think for a stepping stone these people may be able to point you in the right direction and to professional help.

‘This could help someone out especially if they know they’re talking to someone who has gone through the same experiences.’

Chris added the ‘banter’ between the three military wings – RAF, the army and navy – was something that could help those using the service to feel at ease.  ‘I have done it before when you’re in a group with people who have been in the army, navy and the RAF and the banter is great, it relaxes you,’ he said.