Veterans hold protest to call on Stan Collymore to quit

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WAR veterans have called on former England and Liverpool striker Stan Collymore to apologise and resign from his radio job after his comments that Britain ‘thieved’ the Falkland Islands.

Around 40 people, including supporters from Portsmouth, held a silent protest outside the talkSPORT headquarters in London on Saturday, where Mr Collymore works.

On May 25, Mr Collymore tweeted, from his personal account: ‘Falklands? Wasn’t anyone’s. We just thieved it, as we do.’

Veterans said it was the timing of the tweet, on the anniversary of the sinking of missile destroyer HMS Coventry on May 25, which upset them, rather than the content.

Campaign spokesman and Falklands veteran Dougie Brimson, who organised the protest, said he believed in freedom of speech but said the comments overstepped the mark.

Mr Brimson said: ‘Everybody’s got a right to hold an opinion and to voice that opinion.

‘The issue with the tweet is that the words used – inferring that the islands were thieved – we found disrespectful.

‘A number of people at the time asked Mr Collymore to apologise which he refused to do. That added to the upset.’

Mr Brimson said supporters from across the UK travelled to the protest against former Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa striker.

In a statement, talkSPORT said: ‘A member of senior management is meeting with representatives of the group on Tuesday.

‘We have no further comment at this point.’