Walking wounded put through their paces

CARE One of the servicemen is helped on a treadmill
CARE One of the servicemen is helped on a treadmill
The HMS Queen Elizabeth photo was on the Royal Navy website.

Anger as Portsmouth is superimposed on Gosport in Royal Navy website photo

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WOUNDED servicemen and women who will attempt to race across the South Pole this year have undergone their medical screening in Gosport.

The group behind Walking With the Wounded were given a full examination at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) yesterday.

Made up of five amputees and a serving soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder, the team of six is preparing to race against similar groups to reach the South Pole in November.

Their patron, Prince Harry, recently announced he hopes to join the expedition.

The team attended INM in Gosport for medical and physiological screening to help guide their individual training methods.

Each team member had their height, weight, lean muscle mass, fat mass and skin fold thickness measured.

They also underwent an assessment of lower back strength.

Their total oxygen consumption while working out as hard as they could was also measured.

Finally they all had to walk on a treadmill at a steady pace, both while carrying loads and not, to measure oxygen consumption.