Warship called in to stop mines in Libya

HMS Brocklesby
HMS Brocklesby
Lord General Richard Dannatt

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PORTSMOUTH-based minehunter HMS Brocklesby was called into action in Libya to stop deadly sea mines being laid in the harbour of the war-torn city of Misrata.

The warship, which is in the middle of a six-month deployment in the Mediterranean, was needed at the weekend after the Libyan navy tried to stop aid supplies reaching the beleaguered population.

The Ministry of Defence’s Staff Strategic Communication Officer, Major General John Lorimer, said: ‘Following Colonel Gaddafi’s attempt on Friday to mine the approaches to Misrata harbour to stop humanitarian aid shipments, HMS Brocklesby has played a key role in Nato’s efforts to make safe the waters from these indiscriminate weapons.’

Portsmouth-based destroyer HMS Liverpool is also still in the area as part of the Nato blockade to prevent arms being shipped into the country.

The warship was reported to be preparing to shell targets in Libya to help the fight against the dictator.

But an MoD spokesman refused to discuss ‘specific tactics’ yesterday.