Warship fires last Sea Dart

TEST HMS Edinburgh firing a sea dart missile
TEST HMS Edinburgh firing a sea dart missile

Investigation launched as RFA ship begins listing in Portsmouth Harbour

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FOR probably the last time in its 30-year history, a Sea Dart missile has been fired by the Royal Navy.

Portsmouth-based HMS Edinburgh let rip with seven of the missiles off the Outer Hebrides.

Like the Sea Dart, the Type 42 destroyer class of ships will be phased out next year as the latest Type 45 warships armed with new Sea Viper missiles enter service.

Weapons officer Lt Cdr Stephen Carbery, said: ‘This system has been at the heart of maritime operations for three decades, defending units and task groups from air attack since the Falklands conflict in 1982 through to off Libya last year. Edinburgh’s deployment next year heralds the end of an era for Sea Dart and the Type 42 destroyer and we should be proud of both contributions over the past 30 years.’