Warship’s company prove they’re all super men

The ship's company of HMS Kent
The ship's company of HMS Kent
Members of the British Army's 'Ice Maiden' Expedition in Antarctica Picture: Hugh Robertson/PA Wire

Joy as Portsmouth army medic completes epic South Pole trek

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Anything Superman and the Royal Marines can do, so too can the pirate-busters of HMS Kent.

To mark the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines, Commandos ran to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar alongside Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill.

And just days later, sailors from the Portsmouth-based frigate jogged the 2.7 miles from the naval base to the summit of the iconic rock, 1,250ft above sea level.

A total of 77 men and women set off at 6.30am with the first strains of light touching the British Overseas Territory.

Several minutes later all 77 were on the peak.

Among those delighted to reach the top was Warrant Officer First Class Keith Weller, who said: ‘After seven ships and 28 years I finally got a chance to run the Gibraltar Rock Race. It was clear to see at the start of the race the community that is growing on board, with the selfless support shown to each other.

‘Memories for me will not be the legs burning, heart pumping and lungs bursting, but the team spirit, back-slapping, and those who gave their time to organise an excellent event.’

The visit allowed the ship to take on essential stores and fuel, a patrol of territorial waters as part of the UK’s commitment to Gibraltar and a chance for some of the younger sailors to sample the delights of the Rock.

The frigate now continues her way across the Mediterranean, conducting maritime security operations while undertaking additional training and visits prior to passage through the Suez Canal and into the Indian Ocean.