WATCH: Hilarity rules as Falklands veterans brave the shave

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THEY served aboard one of Portsmouth’s most famous ships during the Falklands War and now two veteran sailors have had their heads shaved in the name of charity.

Best friends Pete McFadden and Brendan Gallagher met aboard HMS Illustrious in the 1982 and both have faced the struggles of cancer over the years.

Pete’s wife Susan fought off breast cancer previously while Brendan, 63, is looking to successfully beat the disease for the third time.

After being touched by the care of Macmillan Cancer Support, the duo decided to do something daring and so headed in to T7 Unisex Hair Studio in Mill Lane, Gosport to have a head shave after raising funds for the charity.

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage helped out, and town-based Norman Wisdom impersonator Glenn Ford turned up to lend some hilarious support.

Pete, 61, said: ‘My head definitely feels rather chilly after losing what was quite a good head of hair.

My head definitely feels rather chilly after losing what was quite a good head of hair.

Pete McFadden

‘For me, it was definitely worth it as it is all for a really good purpose.’

Ahead of the big shave, the duo decided to die their hair pink and yellow respectively.

Pete, who died his hair pink, said: ‘It was definitely an odd sight to look in the mirror for a day and see pink hair staring back at me.

‘I got a few funny looks but that was all part of the fun.’

Pete, who served aboard HMS Illustrious – affectionately known as ‘Lusty’ - for 18 months from 1982, praised the work of the charity for Sue.

He added: ‘They really did some wonderful work and it is right that we give something back to them for all their help and support.’

Brendan, who served as a chief petty officer aboard Lusty, said of his new hairstyle: ‘It feels fantastic! I’ve been told and I quite agree that it does suit me. It has been a lot of fun raising the funds and then braving this shave.

‘From dyeing my hair to shaving it all off, it has been a great experience.’

The duo managed to raise £395 between them.

Brendan added: ‘Macmillan have been absolutely fantastic in terms of the level of support so we thought to ourselves, let us raise as much as we can to give them their due.’