We Can Do It: How Jade has made history in the Royal Navy

ETME(SM) Jade Fraser. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper
ETME(SM) Jade Fraser. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper
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AN ENGINEER has made Royal Navy history by being the first woman invited onto a submarine training course.

After completing a 33-week intensive course at HMS Sultan in Gosport, engineering technician Jade Fraser was recognised for her work by being invited to a fast-track submarine training course at HMNB Clyde.

By being the first ever woman selected for the scheme, Jade says it feels ‘really good’ to have been selected and cannot wait to get started.

She said: ‘I’d always thought about joining the Royal Navy.

‘I reached a point in my life where I thought if you’re not going to do it now then you’re not going to do it at all.’

Jade appreciated the advice and support she received from the divisional officers (DOs).

‘Throughout my training the DOs have been very encouraging and thought that I’d be really well suited to being a submariner,’ she explained.

‘There are added responsibilities within a submarine and the nuclear aspect really excites me too.’

To qualify for selection to the leading hands’ accelerated training programme, a minimum of 75 per cent on all academic units of the engineering technician initial career course is required, as well as an exemplary performance in all other areas of training.

If that wasn’t enough, candidates must also pass a fast-track board, answering questions related to the course that they’ve just completed.

Successful fast-track candidates will go to HMNB Clyde to gain submarine qualifications.

The next stage will be to complete the wet phase of training and obtain their dolphins at HMNB Devonport, before returning to HMS Sultan.

But Jade is determined to reach her goals, no matter how many steps lie in her way.