We just want our Dad home

MISSING Rachael MacColl with husband Timmy on Portsdown Hill in 2011.
MISSING Rachael MacColl with husband Timmy on Portsdown Hill in 2011.

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THE pregnant wife of missing sailor Timmy MacColl says she is ‘living each day as it comes’ as her young family face Father’s Day without him.

Tonight marks three weeks since the Gosport dad-of-two went missing in Dubai during a run ashore with his ship HMS Westminster.

SEARCH The hunt for sailor Timmy MacColl carries on in Dubai

SEARCH The hunt for sailor Timmy MacColl carries on in Dubai

Mystery surrounds the 27-year-old’s disappearance after he got into a taxi at 1.40am on May 27 following a night out drinking at the Rock Bottom Cafe in the city.

Rachael MacColl, 25, who is expecting the couple’s third child in October, said: ‘The children are aware of what’s happening and it has hit them hard. I’ve been spending a lot of time with them and reassuring them as best I can.

‘I am living each day as it comes, some days I just can’t face what is going on and on the days that I can I’m concentrating on getting answers.

‘I have incredible friends and family around me. I’m so lucky to have their support.’

In the message, which was posted on a website dedicated to her husband, Mrs MacColl expresses thanks to the tens of thousands of people who have joined the Facebook group Bring Timmy Home.

She added: ‘Baby is doing great and kicking wildly now, my health is good and I’m resting as much as I can.’

Rachael’s uncle Neil Cunningham spent five days in Dubai this week to retrace Timmy’s last-known movements, speak to locals and hand out leaflets to try and jog memories about the night the sailor vanished.

The 42-year-old serving police officer, who has now returned home, vowed: ‘I will never give up looking for Timmy.’

Describing the sailor as ‘like my little boy’, he told Dubai media: ‘Rachael was the first child of her generation and she has always been my little girl. When she met Timmy, he became very close to the rest of the family.’

Vigils have been held in Gosport and yellow ribbons can be seen tied to trees near Timmy and Rachael’s home in Rowner.

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth is set to change its lights to yellow at 7pm tomorrow in tribute to the missing sailor and his distraught family.

Dubai detectives continue to make enquiries, but police have not yet made a statement about their investigation.

Last known movements of sailor who simply vanished

TIMMY MacColl arrived in Dubai with the warship HMS Westminster on May 17 and spent the first few days of the visit to Port Rashid on duty.

On May 19, he asked for special permission to call wife Rachael and wish her a happy sixth wedding anniversary.

On Thursday, May 24, he spent the day at Atlantis water park and played rugby with a team in Sharjah before returning to the ship to sleep that night.

He went to Dubai Mall the following day to go to the Ducati Caffe and meet his motorsporting hero Nicky Hayden at an event there.

After buying Ducati souvenirs for his kids, Timmy went back to Westminster to sleep that night.

At 12.50pm on Saturday afternoon – 13 hours before he disappeared – he caught the shuttle bus from HMS Westminster into town and went to the Dubai Seafarers’ Mission with two of his best mates from the warship.

At 5pm, his friends had to leave but Timmy wanted to stay out drinking.

He left the Mission at 11.30pm with other sailors and was seen arriving at the Rock Bottom Cafe in Bur Dubai with two men and a woman just before midnight.

Bouncer Abdul Majid said: ‘He was drunk and at first I said he couldn’t come in but two friends came out and said they’d look after him, so I let him go.’

A short while later, Mr Majid said Timmy was found curled up sleeping in the bar so staff woke him and took him outside.

The bouncer says he steered him to the front of an adjoining hair salon where the drunken sailor sat on stairs for ‘around 20 minutes’.

Rock Bottom staff say they next saw Timmy stumbling along the pavement towards the Regent Palace Hotel and that he was with a man and a woman when he was led out of the club.

Exactly what happened next remains unclear due to conflicting eyewitness accounts.

Mr Majid is ‘100 per cent certain’ that all three people got into a taxi at 1.40am.

But this is at odds with other information given to police.

Timmy’s two unidentified friends say they put him in a taxi on his own and paid the driver 70 UAE dirham (£12) to take him back to Westminster at Port Rashid.

This account has been confirmed by a Scottish expat, who only wants to be known as Colin, who says he saw the sailor briefly outside the hotel before the two people he was with put him in the taxi.

He claims Timmy did not seem as drunk as the bouncer has suggested.

He said: ‘It wasn’t like he couldn’t find his way home. He was well-equipped.’

Dubai detectives, who have so far refused to comment on their investigation, are piecing together what may have happened after Timmy got into the cab that night.

It is unknown whether they have managed to trace down Timmy’s taxi driver who may hold vital clues.

While time ticks away, one thing remains certain – Timmy MacColl has been missing for three weeks and his family are desperate for information.