We went to sea a movie...

HMS Iron Duke movie night''Picture: LA(Phot) Ian Simpson
HMS Iron Duke movie night''Picture: LA(Phot) Ian Simpson
Members of the British Army's 'Ice Maiden' Expedition in Antarctica Picture: Hugh Robertson/PA Wire

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Few things can beat a good movie and a freshly delivered pizza — even if you are at sea on a Royal Navy warship.

The ship’s company of HMS Iron Duke took time out of their busy schedule to enjoy a rare treat on the flight deck of the Portsmouth-based frigate.

After a long day at sea, they converted the deck into a mobile cinema using a sheet across the hangar doors as a screen. They hooked up a projector to show the film 300 — Rise of an Empire. While preparations for that was going on, down in the galley the logistics team, assisted by Royal Marines, were running a made-to-order pizza delivery service around the ship to raise funds for charity.

Able Seaman Michael Nelson, who organised the film night, said: ‘It was a great opportunity to watch a big screen film on the flight deck and it was enjoyed by everyone, even if it was a bit on the cold side.

‘I certainly enjoyed it and hope we get to do it again soon.’

No Royal Navy fundraising event would be complete without fancy dress and the delivery man turned up at mess doors dressed as a chilli.

Back on the flight deck the light from the film screen combined with the eerie glow of the green helicopter approach lights added to the atmosphere. And despite warm weather being the norm for the use of folding chairs they were brought out of stowage for the bracing night’s entertainment.

Leading Chef Shaun Willis was the organiser of the pizza delivery service, which was so popular that he even had a pizza named after him.

Lieutenant Commander Lyndsey Netherwood, the ship’s executive officer, added: ‘When we are at sea you quickly forget about the simple luxuries you have at home, like calling out for a pizza or going out to the cinema.

‘That’s why we host events like this as they bring a bit of home to the ship and a break from the work routine.

‘It was a great evening and those who took part really enjoyed the opportunity to get stuck in, whether it was making pizzas or sitting in the brisk evening air to watch the film.’