‘We were singled out for attack’

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ARCTIC Convoy veteran Commander Eddie Grenfell has spoken of his experiences at sea for a new exhibition.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is building a new exhibition called HMS- Hear My Story.

VETERAN Commander Eddie Grenfell with his Arctic Star medal

VETERAN Commander Eddie Grenfell with his Arctic Star medal

As part of that, it is publishing a different story to do with the Royal Navy every day this month to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

Cdr Grenfell worked as a radar operator through the Atlantic and the Arctic convoys.

Talking about his time on the Empire Lawrence, Cdr Grenfell said: ‘We were bombed continually for seven days until the convoy reached Murmansk.

‘One day, we were bombed by 200 German dive bombers and torpedo bombers.

‘On May 27, 1942, we were singled out for attack. All the dive bombers concentrated on us because they realised we were the ship with the Hurricane aircraft on board.

‘We were hit by five bombs and the ship just exploded. In the whole of the war I had never experienced anything worse than that.

‘I flew through the air and the next thing I knew the ship just exploded.

‘In Murmansk I was taken to the Russian military hospital.

‘I had no clothes, I lost everything in the explosion, so they gave me a Russian Army uniform and sent me to a Russian Army camp.’

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