Who is the ‘Superman-like’ Sir John Parker who’s trying to improve our Royal Navy?

Sir John Parker
Sir John Parker
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Sir John Parker, the man responsible for a new report on the Royal Navy, has called for the UK’s ship building operations to be spread to new cities around the country.

The findings were presented by Sir John Parker, who added that it takes too long for naval warships to be built.

But who is this man with a plan for improving the Royal Navy?


Who is Sir John Parker?

Sir John Parker was born in County Down, Northern Ireland, is and is now a prominent businessman in the UK.

At 17 he joined Harland and Wolff as an apprentice naval architect before studying Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast.

He has chaired five companies from the FTSE 100, including National Grid plc which he stood down from in 2011.

In 2001 he was knighted for services to defence and shipbuilding.


What roles has he had with the government?

Sir John’s appointments have included membership of the Prime Minister’s Business Council for Britain, set up in 2007 to advise the government on how best to grow the UK economy.

He has also been non-executive director of the Bank of England.

It’s no surprise that he was chosen to lead the Royal Navy review - he was dubbed ‘Britain’s very own Clark Kent’ in a 2010 Independent article because of his Superman-like ability to sort out a crisis.

Sir John’s role as chairman of the National Shipbuilding Strategy was announced in March.


What has he done in the National Shipbuilding Strategy?

As chairman of the group Sir John has been in charge of thinking of ideas to develop the country’s naval sector.

At the time of his appointment an industry executive was quoted as saying: ‘He’s very shrewd, trusted by government and seen as impartial. He’s an elder statesman and I would struggle to find someone better.’