The den built on a Portsmouth bomb site

Two weeks ago I mentioned Triggs the grocer's shop on the corner of Wiltshire Street and St Vincent Street, Portsmouth.

Sunday, 18th December 2016, 6:00 am

Trevor Brown, who sent in the photograph, mentioned that he and his mates built a den on a bomb site there in 1950. It was next to the St Vincent Boys’ Club and seems to have been a veritable home from home.

It always amazes me how the lads of bombed-out cities and towns took to using the sites as playgrounds with no thought of harming themselves or anyone else.

Trevor tells me the lads took turns digging out a large hole then, using sheets of corrugated iron, walls and a roof were made.

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Inside was a small table with many candles for light. Songs were sung and sweets and stale cake enjoyed by everyone until the demolition men took it all away some years later.

Here is a drawing by Trevor of the den with St Vincent Street in the background.