Depressed man killed himself after years of pain

A HUSBAND took his own life after suffering years of pain from chronic illnesses, an inquest heard.

Kenneth Restall, 47, was in constant pain from a number of illnesses including emphysema and suffered chronic pain in the lower spine and back which brought on severe depression. He was registered disabled. His wife, Theresa, 51, was his full-time carer.

She told Portsmouth coroner David Horsley that on March 24 this year she had taken her grandson out fishing for the afternoon. When she returned two-and-a-half hours later she found her husband collapsed in their lounge at Eagle Walk, Wecock, Waterlooville.

She said: 'He had been really low and it was his third attempt.

'His medical problems were too much for him.'

PC Gary Bowden from Waterlooville police, was called to the house by paramedics. He said he found empty packets of prescription drugs in the lounge including Temazepam, and three empty bottles of Stella lager.

On top of the fridge were three letters addressed to family members with a piece of his jewellery for each of them.

Mr Horsley said: 'I have to be satisfied that he has taken his own life.

'Given the fact of his problems and that he had tried before, clearly he thought this out.

'I also have to bear in mind that this poor man had so many health problems and I conclude that he took his own life while severely depressed.'