Developers set to showcase plans for up to 50 new houses

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A MEETING will be held later this month for residents to discuss a housing development with councillors and developers.

A public consultation will be taking place on Wednesday, May 23, at the Public Service Plaza in Havant from 6-8pm, for the proposed development of up to 50 dwellings at the land at Lower Road, Bedhampton.

The Development Consultation Forum (DCF) will see the prospective developer present their proposal to residents, prior to submitting a planning application to Havant Borough Council.

After the developer presents the proposal, the council has arranged for a question and answer session to take place.

In a letter to residents, a spokesman from Havant Borough Council said: ‘The council hopes that as a result of the DCF the developer will be better informed as to the community expectations prior to submitting a planning application.

‘DCF meetings are held in public and whilst the public are encouraged to attend and listen, only invited stakeholders, including residents associations, councillors and officers, can speak.

‘We hope you will attend to find out more about significant development proposals emerging for the borough and hear the discussion about them.

‘This is an excellent opportunity to find out more about what is being proposed and speak with the developer as well.’

Anyone with thoughts on the proposals are encouraged to contact their local councillor or residents’ association ahead of the meeting.