Disabled Gosport woman wins appeal over benefit decision

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A WOMAN who struggles to walk has been told she will no longer have to find a job.

Christine Clapson, 58, of Cheriton Road in Gosport took on the Department for Work and Pensions after they told her she could no longer claim incapacity benefit.

As previously reported in The News, Miss Clapson, who suffers from osteoporosis and has had two hip replacements, was assessed last year at Wingfield House and told to report to the Jobcentre.

She lost her Employment Support Allowance and was concerned she could not face work, despite the DWP letter writing to her saying ‘we have decided that you do not have limited capability for work.’

But Miss Clapson, who has not worked since 1991, wanted to prove them wrong.

She was assessed by a doctor at an appeal tribunal in Havant earlier this month.

She said: ‘I don’t think they did it properly.

‘A lot of people are getting let down like this.

‘A lot of people who are disabled, it’s really hard for them.’

At appeal Miss Clapson was given extra points, meaning she did have limited capability to work, as she has difficulty walking up steps with a handrail and could not move her arms behind her body.

She has not yet been told how much she can claim.

A DWP spokesperson said: ‘If a fit for work decision is overturned at appeal, it does not necessarily mean that the original decision was inaccurate – often, claimants produce new evidence in their appeal.’