Disabled sailor back after ocean voyage

Keith White has literally sailed single-handedly across the Atlantic.

Mr White lost the use of his left arm after being seriously injured in a car accident in 1991.

But despite his disability, he has now returned to Portsmouth after a seven-month trip from his hometown of Gosport to America and back.

The trip took him down to the Canary Islands and across to Florida, New York and Boston after he left the UK on October 28.

Mr White, 62, sailed across to America in an 8.5-ton Hanse 400 yacht called Rosiley.

And he battled through the pain barrier to complete the journey as the painkillers he was given were not strong enough.

Nor did his boat have any special adaptations to help with his disability.

But Mr White said: 'I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm really thrilled, it's been an achievement.

'I wanted to do it from a really young age. I thought I have got to do it soon or I will be too old to do it.'

Mr White said that he was never going to give up on his dream, and it just meant working hard to accomplish it, as a result of his disability.

'I just had to adapt myself to work it,' he said.

'It's encouraging for other disabled people as well.

'If they want to do something they can get out and do it.

'If you have got a dream – do it, but be as safe as possible, and prepare yourself.

'Think of the worst scenario and what might happen. I haven't found anything a struggle – I have learnt to live with it.

And he said that there have been plenty of highs and lows throughout his journey.

'All the people I met were phenonmenal and I keep in contact with a lot of them.

'I had some bad storms. I was 300 miles away from Ireland and I got stuck in the storms, but I came through it.'

And seeing his family upon his arrival in the UK made it all worthwhile.

He said: 'The whole family were there, it was fantastic. They were so excited.

'I was phoning every day to say goodnight – they wanted that contact.'