Do not risk life with dieting pill, says coroner

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A CORONER has released a warning to teenagers and young people about the dangers of taking a diet pill.

The unlicensed drug Dinitrophenol is freely available to buy on the internet.

Penny Schofield, the coroner for West Sussex, has issued a warning following the inquest of Rachael Cook, 25, from Worthing.

Miss Cook died from the toxicity of the drug.

Ms Schofield, based in Chichester, said: ‘I know there is pressure on young people to be slim and many will take drastic action to achieve this but this is not the way to do it.

‘I would urge them to look at the almost inevitable fatal consequences of taking this fatal drug.

‘Let not another family lose a young person to such painful and unnecessary death.’

She added: ‘Other coroners have tried to alert the public to the danger of this drug.

‘I urge those currently taking the drug or considering doing so to think again.’