Doctor Who's Portsmouth episodes on DVD

A NEW DVD boxed set of classic Doctor Who episodes, some filmed in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight over 35 years ago, is being released on Monday, January 14.

The Sea Devils was recorded in October 1971 and transmitted in April 1972. The Doctor Who production team contacted the Royal Navy to ask for help with filming the six- part story, based on previous experience of using the Army and Royal Air Force in other stories.

The navy was prepared to offer any equipment and locations required. Several were used, including HMS Reclaim.

The set, called Beneath the Surface, contains three stories, two with third doctor Jon Pertwee and one with Peter Davison, the fifth doctor.

Also available is the DVD, Revelation of the Daleks, recorded in January 1985 for transmission in March 1985.

Doctor Who returned to Portsmouth when the Daleks invaded IBM at North Harbour. The futuristic look of IBM's offices was considered right for an intergalactic funeral parlour called Tranquil Repose, located on the planet Necros.