Dog attacks man at Cowplain park

SCENE The Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance at the scene of the attack.  Picture: James Stewart
SCENE The Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance at the scene of the attack. Picture: James Stewart
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DOCTORS are trying to repair the arm of a man who was attacked for 40 minutes by his own dog.

Police and paramedics were called out about 11.15am to a park off Keats Close, Cowplain.

Sally Johnson, 39, who lives nearby in Hemsley Walk, went to help before emergency services arrived.

She said: ‘I could hear screaming. I looked out of my bathroom window and my daughter said “a bloke is being attacked by a dog.”

‘I couldn’t leave him there.

‘I went down and the dog was attached to his arm. The man said, “Can you help me?”

‘There was nothing anybody could do to get the dog off.

‘His friend said he tried throwing sticks but it was no good.

‘The ambulance people turned up and there was nothing they could do.’

She said she thought the dog was clamped on to the man’s left arm.

‘The dog was wagging its tail,’ said Mrs Johnson, who works at the local fish and ship shop. ‘Every time he moved the dog was moving his arm as well. There was blood everywhere. It was horrible. He was saying it had gone through an artery.’

The dog is understood to be a cross pitbull Staffordshire Bull Terrier and belonged to the man.

Mrs Johnson added: ‘The whole time the dog was holding his arm its tail was wagging. It was like he was playing.’

Eyewitnesses say paramedics sat on the dog before police dog handlers arrived.

Several were seen holding down the dog with poles.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance landed in the park but the man was taken to hospital by road ambulance.

It is understood the dog was clamped to his arm for up to 40 minutes.

Eyewitnesses said they had seen the man at the park before being boisterous with the dog.

Noreen Restorick, who lives nearby, said: ‘I don’t think the dog meant to do it because it was wagging its tail.

‘It was even wagging its tail when it was being held down by the police dog handlers.

‘I felt sorry for the dog.’

The man, who was wearing a blue T shirt, is being treated for serious wounds to his arm.

The dog was put down by vets at the scene.