Dog becomes a cover star on front of canine magazine

Allen Parton amd Endal Junior
Allen Parton amd Endal Junior
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A HOUNDS for Heroes dog has been selected from thousands of fellow canines to feature on the front cover of a magazine.

Labrador Endal Junior has been picked to appear on the cover of Dogs Today.

Allen Parton, from Clanfield, suffered a serious brain injury during the 1991 Iraq conflict but got his life back through a canine partner Endal. His second dog is Endal Junior.

He has since formed the charity Hounds for Heroes which helps wounded ex-servicemen get support for their care.

He said: ‘I am absolutely so proud and delighted that EJ has made the front cover of such a prestigious canine magazine.

‘The work he does not only for me but also in raising awareness and the positive profile of Hounds for Heroes is absolutely incredible. He truly deserves this moment of fame.

‘There seem to be no limits to what we can achieve together.’

Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today, said: ‘Our readers are so very proud of all Allen has achieved and really do feel very much a part of his story.’