Dog owners urged to comply with new law

Vets have launched a campaign to help dog owners understand and comply with a new microchipping law

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 6:01 am
(L-r) Elouise Knight (10), Jacques Langan (9), Jamie Bryson (8), Coby Fleetwood (8), Chrissie Hughes from the Royal Naval Association, Finley Harris (7) and Zantay Campbell (8)

From Wednesday, April 6, all dogs aged eight weeks and over in the UK will be legally required to have a microchip.

To help dog owners check if their dog has a microchip, vets are increasing awareness of the new law and helping owners understand 
more about the legal requirements.

Dr Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vets4Pets, said: ‘In just a few weeks’ time, tens of thousands of dog owners could be breaking the law and facing a fine of up to £500.

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‘But pet owners shouldn’t worry about microchipping their pet. It is an easy and simple procedure.

‘A microchip is about the same size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin at the scruff of a dog’s neck.’

The new legislation is designed to prevent illegal breeding of dogs, bring owners to account for a dog’s aggressive behaviour and reunite lost pets with their rightful owners quickly.