Dog trainer speaks of horror attack on puppy at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Wilf, the eight-month-old puppy that was attacked
Wilf, the eight-month-old puppy that was attacked
  • Puppy needs stitches after attack
  • Owners of Staffies say it is the other dog-walker’s fault
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TWO friends watched in horror as three bull terriers attacked a puppy that is training to be an assistance dog.

Brenda Myzen and her friend, who does not want to be named, were walking at Queen Elizabeth Country Park when the distressing attack happened.

Mrs Myzen’s friend, from Waterlooville, was walking Wilf, an eight-month-old Labrador cross that she is training to be a ‘Canine Partner’ to help a disabled person.

Describing the attack, Mrs Myzen, who runs Homested Dog Training Club at Blendworth Church Centre, Horndean, said: ‘We were walking to the top of the country park towards Juniper car park.

‘I was walking with a friend who has a Canine Partners’ training dog.

‘It’s a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament.

‘There were three Staffies on a lead and they dragged this fella across to Wilf.

‘Two of them rolled Wilf over and one of them bit into his face and tore his lip, puncturing straight through.

‘They were working as a pack. The one that bit was trying to go for the jugular vein which is what they do.’

She added: ‘The scream was dreadful. I was walking ahead with my dogs and I heard this scream.’

Wilf needed stitches for his wounds, but is making a good recovery.

Mrs Myzen said the couple walking the Staffies said it was Brenda’s friend’s fault as Wilf was not on a lead at the time.

But Mrs Myzen, who has run the dog training club for 30 years, said: ‘They are powerful dogs. They are all muscle. The pressure they can put you under is terrific.’

She said the man, in his 20s, and the woman did not hang around.

‘They cleared off,’ said Mrs Myzen.

‘They did not give their address. I want everyone to know if they walking up there to keep well away.’

The attack happened at about 11.30am last Thursday

Jenny Moir, spokeswoman for Canine Partners, based at Midhurst, said: ‘He’s quite a bomb-proof little puppy.

‘There’s no question of him coming off the scheme.’