Domestic violence policy is a 'war on men' claims Tory

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Police release man arrested over attempted rape in Portsmouth park

A TORY councillor has vowed not to campaign for his party until it reverses a policy designed to combat domestic violence.

Portsmouth City Councillor James Williams (pictured) announced he will not work for the Tories outside his own Nelson ward unless it withdraws the new 'Go' orders.

The orders give senior police officers on-the-spot rights to remove men suspected of committing acts of domestic abuse from their homes for 48 hours. Courts can then extend that to two weeks.

The policy was designed by the last Labour government, but is now being piloted in three areas of the UK by Home Secretary Theresa May. There is no equivalent policy aimed at women. Cllr Williams says the orders challenge freedom and are part of a feminist war on men.

'As an elected Conservative councillor, I am ashamed Theresa May has chosen to adopt totalitarian methods in the ongoing war against men by the feminist movement,' he said.

'I shall not take part in any election campaign for the Conservatives outside my own ward until this vile sexist legislation is removed.'

He added: 'This is a Stalinist policy and goes against everything I believe in as a Conservative.

'I am in the party because I believe in freedom and fairness, and this policy is the opposite.

'Domestic violence, both physical and emotional, is a very serious problem, but this policy gives police the power to act as judge and jury, kicking men out of their homes.

'What if a woman alleges domestic abuse even if none has happened? It's unfair that this policy will deprive men from seeing their children even if they've done nothing wrong.'

Nicki Youern, chief exec of YOU, which runs Portsmouth's women's refuge, said: 'It's a little early to make definite judgments on this policy.

'We don't know what effect it will have and it is only being piloted at the moment. But it may help to protect vulnerable women and children from violence.'

Councillor Donna Jones, chairwoman of Portsmouth North Conservative party, said: 'He has told us his position and we have accepted it.'