Don’t forget the vital role our navy has protecting us

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Two weeks ago saw the world coming to terms with the massacre of 130 innocent people in Paris at the hands of suicidal Islamist extremists.

The callous and heartless attacks rocked the globe and ruined the lives of so many families.

But it also prompted one of the biggest international outcries for action to be taken to eliminate the threat of Isil across Iraq and Syria.

The UK’s prime minster gave a speech to MPs, urging them to back a vote to launch UK-led airstrikes to the very heart of Isil and its followers in Syria – and we shall see how any vote on the subject pans out in the near future.

But sometimes it’s easy to forget about those who actually take on this action.

The brave men and women of HMS Duncan are a shining example of this.

They have been doing their bit to protect our shores from an extremist onslaught for months.

They have been on the front line in the war against terror in the Middle East, supporting America as it launches airstrikes against Isil in Iraq and Syria.

Arriving home to a heroes’ welcome yesterday, Duncan’s commanding officer praised his sailors’ courage in bringing the fight to Isil.

And rightly so – time and time again our nation’s armed forces put their lives on the line to protect us.

Their steely determination and professionalism is a credit to the nation – and the ship’s company 
of Duncan is a credit to Portsmouth.

There are some who forget the vital role the navy plays in protecting us.

Sometimes the tragedy and horror of international events overshadows the heroism that those in the vanguard of freedom display – and the impact deployments have on their family life.

So, let’s not take the work the Royal Navy – our Royal Navy – does for granted.

If it was not for their efforts, and those of all our armed forces, the world would be a much more dangerous place.