Don't leave cleaning couple all washed up, say motorists

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A popular couple who ran a car cleaning service are all washed up after supermarket giant Tesco kicked them out.

Motorists who say Tz Tzankoy and Pepa Syarova are the king and queen of clean battled to keep the pair's Trolley Wash hand car washing in the car park of Portsmouth's Tesco North Harbour.

But they packed up this week after the supermarket chain told them they no longer wanted car washing services provided on their property - putting the couple and their five employees out of business.

Now angry motorists have formed the Tesco Portsmouth Car Wash Action Group to try to change the corporation's mind.

Solicitor Nick Oliver and his wife Rene, who started the campaign, said: 'Tz and Pepa take pride in their work in a way that is seldom seen these days - particularly for what is a comparatively low paid line of work.

'We are not trying to be confrontational with Tesco, just to point out how much we valued this service - and we are far from being alone in that.'

Mr Oliver added that he has received messages from at least a dozen other people passionate about protecting the service.

Among these is John Adey, the managing director of Conquest Fitted Furniture Limited, who said the car wash was the only one he would trust to clean his Bentley. 'They constantly deliver an outstanding service,' he said in a letter to Tesco's head office manager. 'They are polite, efficient and professional and always leave my car spotlessly clean.'

Mr Tzankov, who is employed by car wash firm Waves, said: 'We have worked here for two years and never had any complaints or problems,.

'And they have not communicated to us why they made this choice.

Tesco chief executive, Sir Terry Leahy, said in a letter responding to Mr Oliver that the service was being withdrawn because of complaints about other franchises. He said: 'We appreciate that there will unfortunately be a proportion of disappointed customers.'