Drama as unexploded bomb is discovered

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A BEACH was cordoned off for a controlled explosion after a large bomb from the Second World War was discovered.

The device was found by a walker on the beach near Selsey.

The bomb, said to be around 500lb and one of the largest found in the Bracklesham Bay area, was blown up in a controlled explosion by a bomb squad on Saturday.

Heavy recent wind and rain unearthed the historic find, which was said to have measured around 3ft by 12inch.

Paul Greenwood, deputy station officer at Selsey Coastguard, said: ‘A member of the public reported finding something suspicious to us last night and we cordoned off the area.

‘The bomb disposal unit came down this morning and deemed it was most probably a large submarine bomb dropped from a plane in the Second World War.

‘We set up a 1km cordon and it was blown up around 9.30am.

‘It was certainly one of the largest devices we’ve had and it made a loud explosion which I’m sure people would have heard. Our message to people is if you come across anything you think is at all suspicious don’t touch it but get in touch with us on 999.’