Driver fined £90 for using shared parking ticket in Waterlooville

Richard Smith has warned others about sharing parking tickets
Richard Smith has warned others about sharing parking tickets
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A GESTURE of goodwill proved costly for one motorist after he received a hefty fine for using someone else’s parking ticket.

Richard Smith, 60, parked in the car park on the former Curzon Rooms site, off London Road, Waterlooville.

As he got out of his car another driver asked if he would like his ticket because there was still time on it.

He accepted, but seconds after he left the car park, he was given a parking fine by the attendant.

Mr Smith, from Horndean, is now warning other car park users.

He said: ‘Another pensioner asked me if I would like his parking ticket that still had more than two hours to run.

‘I knew I wouldn’t be long so I did the universal thing and accepted his offer.

‘In the short time it took me to collect my shopping and return to my car I had received a £90 parking ticket, issued by a private company Napier Parking, for transferring a ticket from another vehicle.’

Mr Smith’s ticket stated the warden had observed his car for 10 seconds before issuing the ticket.

He added: ‘I accept that I should have paid the fee on arrival but accepting a freebie like this is commonplace and in this instance bit me and I will pay my fine.’

But Mr Smith said he wants to raise awareness with other drivers.

He said: ‘I for one will never use the car park again.’

But Napier Parking has strongly denied it was heavy-handed.

In a statement the company said: ‘This vehicle was found by our parking attendant to be displaying a ticket that had previously been used in another vehicle.

‘The driver had left the car park so the attendant was correct in issuing the ticket immediately – hence the short observation time.

‘For the avoidance of doubt all motorists must pay for their parking on our land.

‘To not pay for their parking is totally unacceptable. We are within our rights to issue a ticket if we find a vehicle incorrectly parked and the driver has left the car park.

‘All of the signs clearly state that a £90 fixed charge notice may be issued to vehicles for transferring a ticket.

‘The ticket that the motorist also displayed clearly states, in red, “not transferable”. Had the motorist taken the time to read the signs he would have been fully informed.’