Driver gets six tickets in two years - despite paying for her parking

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A MOTORIST has complained after she was given six parking tickets in less than two years – despite paying for her parking.

Soussan Sech works in Portsmouth three times a week and always parks at the Alec Rose Lane car park, near Guildhall Walk.

Soussan Sech

Soussan Sech

Each time she parks, using one of her two cars, she uses the automated service RingGo, to pay for her parking. But despite having paid, she’s now been given six parking tickets since July 2012.

The 55-year-old from Furzehall Avenue in Fareham, said she has appealed the tickets every time and so far she hasn’t had to pay but that it’s causing her a lot of stress.

‘They are charging me when I have paid,’ she said.

‘Why am I being picked on?

‘They put a fine on my window. Every single time I have to appeal.

‘I give them a copy of the text and the email that I get.

‘They are stressing me out with this. I am tired and fed up with it.’

Mrs Sech said that although she hasn’t paid any of the fines, she has never been contacted to be told that her fines have been written off.

‘I have to call them up and ask “what’s going on?”.

‘Then they say that they have written it off but they don’t call me to tell me that.

‘The excuse has been that the system hasn’t picked it up. There must be other people having the same issue that I am having.

‘It’s the same system across the area. Why doesn’t it happen when I park anywhere else?’

After Portsmouth City Council was contacted by The News, Mrs Sech was then offered a week’s free parking.

She added: ‘They have made the gesture which I am pleased about but I just don’t want it to go on happening.’

Michael Robinson, Portsmouth City Council’s parking operations manager, said: ‘We are aware that a small number of sessions booked on RingGo in the past have not come up on the civil enforcement officer’s hand-held device as should happen.

‘This is due to a number of issues relating to network connection. We are working with our supplier to better understand the reason and reduce the errors.

‘We are confident that these issues are reducing in frequency and we will continue to do all we can to reduce the number of mistakes further.

‘We have a robust appeals process in place to ensure that where we have issued a penalty charge notice in error it is quickly cancelled.

‘The penalty charge notices that have been issued, in error, to this customer have all been cancelled.’

The News reported in October that between April 2012 and May 2013, 362 RingGo fines were overturned on appeal, mainly due to the type of error experienced by Mrs Sech. Other reasons include drivers inputting parking zone or vehicle details incorrectly.